Top 10 Things to Do in Tanzania

Author: Mozzah Mauly

1. The Great Migration

Witness over a million wildebeest and thousands of zebras move across the Serengeti.

Pushed forth by their natural instincts they often have to cross crocodile infested waters. Lions prey upon the weak that are unable to move with the herds. The ground rumbles and shakes with the sound of thousands of hooves.

2. Olduvai Gorge – First Evidence of Mankind

Olduvai Gorge is a paleoanthropological site in the eastern Serengeti Plain, within the boundaries of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Check out the earliest evidence of mankind. Visit the museums and learn about the archeologists who discovered evidence of mankind and the first tools used.
Olduvai Gorge was designated part of a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. Olduvai Gorge has often been called the “Cradle of Mankind”.

3. Tree Climbing Lions

Lions do not typically climb trees. At Manyara National Park and Tarangire you may come across this rare sight.

The reason for this unique change in behaviour is not known, yet some suggest that it may be due to trying to get away from sleeping sickness causing Tse-Tse flies.

4. Calcified Animals of Lake Natron

Lake Natron is said to be a deathtrap for the birds that fly above it due to its highly reflective surface. The lake is alkaline and has a high PH, and is similar to the Red Sea in that it has a high concentration of salt. Water flows in but does not flow out. Animal remains become calcified forming eerie statue like figures.

Nick Brandt does an excellent photographic journey you can check out online- better yet, come and see it in person.

5. Cultural Trip

Take the time to learn about tribal ethnic groups such as the Hadza- be.

The Hadzabe are hunter gatherers that live around Lake Eyasi and in the neighbouring Serengeti Plateau. The Hadza have occupied their current territory for thousands of years, with relatively little modification to their basic way of life. Learn about how they make weapons, how they source honey, and about their basic way of life.

Don't miss your chance of learning about an amazing culture that may soon become extinct due to modernisation.

6. Sunrise from the ʻRoof of Africaʼ

Theres nothing more breathtaking than seeing the sun rise from the highest point in Africa. Climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro requires no specialist equiptment, however many do not make it to the top due to altitude sickness. The trek is long and hard, but it is one of the most life changing experiences you can have.

7. Ngorongoro

The crater was formed over two and a half million years ago. It is 610 m deep and covers 260 km. The crater is teeming with an abundance of wildlife. This is a great opportunity to see wildlife concentrated in a smaller area. There is a lake in the caldera where animals enjoy congregating. Enjoy a packed lunch whilst surrounded by the sounds of nature in the crater.

8. Hot Air Balloon Safari

At dawn you arrive at the lift off site and prepare to be amazed. Watch the sun rise over the African plains from the hot air balloon. The stunning landscape lays wide open below you. A breathtaking experience. Also a pretty unique place to pop the question to the love of your life (just a suggestion).

9. Freddy Mercury's Childhood Home

Freddy Mercury, lead singer of Queen was was born in Zanzibar to a family whose roots lie in India and Persia. Take a chance to explore his childhood home, his family’s place of worship and the court where his father worked in Stonetown. There is also a Freddie Mercury restaurant and gift shop you can visit.

10. Island Hopping & Giant Tortoises

Zanzibar has a number of sandbanks and islands dotted around it. Take a boat and let a local guide show you all the best spots. Go fishing, snorkelling, diving and swimming around these picturesque islands. Visit Prison Island and learn about how it got its name, and whilst you are there check out the giant tortoises!

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