Maria's Hakuna Matata Africa Adventure

Author: Mozzah Mauly

The best way to hear about a safari or a trip is from someone who has gone through it and experienced it. They are the people who are best equipped to tell the story and provide the best advice. The majority of clients who book with us do so because they have been referred by someone who has been on a Safari with us.

We decided to catch up with Ms. Maria Tamayo who went on a safari with us this year. We wanted to hear all about her trip. We had a short Q & A session to find out the highlights of Maria’s trip and to share some useful tips and advice she has for others.

Hi Maria, tell us about your trip.

We had a great time starting day one until the very end. Our guide, Isaac, made our visit quite memorable as he shared with us details about the various wildlife we saw.

We visited Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara. We were fortunate enough to see many big cats, including a cheetah and a leopard. We also saw a rhino, plenty of giraffes, baboons and other wonderful animals. We had the time of our lives!

What made you decide to visit Tanzania?

The great migration was definitely something we wanted to at least get a glimpse of. Seeing wild animals in their natural habitat had always been a dream of ours, and this trip definitely exceeded our expectations in many respects.

Visiting Serengeti National Park was on our bucket list for many years, and camping there was the experience of a lifetime; the vastness of it is absolutely breathtaking, and the diversity of its fauna seems limitless.

How did you find out about Mauly Tours and why did you pick this particular company?

Family members referred us. They had recently been to Tanzania and had Isaac as their guide. They had a great experience so they strongly recommended to travel with Mauly.

What were some of the memorable moments of your trip, and what was your favourite location?

Seeing a rhino, a cheetah, and a leopard nearby was an amazing experience.  Getting to experience Serengeti National Park and its richness had to be one of the highlights of our trip.

What were some of the challenging moments of the trip?

No challenging moments. Hakuna matata.

Would you want to visit Tanzania again and is there anything you didn’t get a chance to do that you wish you did?

Definitely! Yes! We would love to go to Kilimanjaro and also the coastal area.

What did you think of your driver/guide? Did you learn any interesting facts from your guide?

Isaac is superb as a guide and a truly wonderful human being. He has three boys one of whom is just about one year old. And he is really knowledgeable about the animals and their habitat.

What did you think of Tanzanian culture? How was the food?

The culture is very interesting. Visiting Masai people was quite an experience, and we felt they were very open to sharing with visitors a bit of their traditions, which we very much appreciated. The food was better in certain places than others.  Surprisingly, the food at our Serengeti camp was very tasty.

Any advice for fellow travellers wishing to visit Tanzania with Mauly Tours?

Immerse yourself in the experience and live every moment to the fullest. Also wear plenty of DEET-based bug spray and sunscreen. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes, stay hydrated and carry snacks with you.

Were you happy with your experience with Mauly Tours? What would you rate it out of 10 (0 being absolutely awful and 10 being completely wonderful)

Very happy – 9.

What did you think of the safari vehicles?

 Pretty bad ass.

Do you think you got value for money?

Absolutely, yes!

What places to visit are on your bucket list?

South Africa, Japan, Patagonia, Switzerland, Croatia, Seychelles, and the rest of the world that we haven’t visited yet!

Did the trip impact you in any way? Did it enlighten you?

 It absolutely did. It opened my eyes to the way different cultures live in very different places than where I live. It helped me understand how the definition of wealth is wildly complex. Also seeing the animals in their habitat was definitely life-changing.

Do you have a favourite quote or saying about traveling?

Travel. Because money returns and time does not!

If you would like to go on a similar trip we have the 7 Day Best of Tanzania which would be perfect for you.

Or contact us for a tailor-made East African adventure.

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