Gorilla Trekking, Chimps, Waterfalls & Mountains

Situated just north of Tanzania, Uganda definitely comes high on the list of must-see places.

Although land-locked, Uganda has a number of lakes. The country also has 60 protected areas, including ten national parks.

There is so much to see and do in this huge East African country. Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, stunning waterfalls and mountain climbing are just some of the few things Uganda has to offer.

To make it a little easier for you to decide on which destinations to include on your own travel itinerary, we have put together some helpful hints that will guide you to the perfect holiday. If one, or several, of these holidays sounds perfect for you please reach out to us for more information.

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Uganda Highlights

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The highlight of this park is the tree climbing lions. Lions do not typically climb trees and this is one of only two known places in the world where it happens.

Other animals to be seen at this national park include chimpanzees in troops of 30-80, as well as hippos, buffaloes, elephants and zebras.

Bwindi Forest National Park

This park is located in the southwestern park of Uganda and is characterised by stunning ancient rainforest. 

Around half of the world’s population of the endangered mountain gorillas can be found in this park. Other primates such as baboons and chimpanzees may also be found there.

Although the park is best known for its primates there are other animals to be seen such as antelopes, elephants and more

Sipi Falls

These stunning falls are located in Eastern Uganda on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park . They consist of three falls measuring 328 feet; 278 feet; and 246 feet tall.

Named after the red ‘Sep’ flower that grows on its banks this destination is a popular stopping point for hikers trekking up Mount Elgon.

Chimpanzee Safaris

Chimpanzee safaris are available at most of the parks. 

Experience trekking through thick forest and coming across a troop of these majestic animals. Watch them interact and be amazed at their human like mannerisms.

Climb Mt. Elgon

Also known as Masaba by Ugandan’s, Mt. Elgon got its name from the Maasai term “Ol Doinyo Ilgoon” which translates to “Breast Mountain”. Mount Elgon is a prime trekking mountain in East Africa. Elgon is a huge volcano with the largest crater of the major peaks in Africa. The caldera is one of the world’s largest.

There are several routes up the mountain including the Sasa River Route, Pisawa Route, Sipi Route and the Suam Trail.

There is a great chance of seeing animals on the way up the mountain. There are also waterfalls on the slopes, and there are even hot springs to soak in inside the crater.

Mgahinga National Park

This park is famous for the golden monkeys that call it home. It is also home to the endangered silverback mountain gorillas, Mgahinga is part of the famous Virunga Conservation area that spreads over three countries.

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