Lake Natron

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A Spectacular Addition to Any Safari Itinerary

Off the beaten track and surrounded by rough terrain, all who travel to Lake Natron will be rewarded with some of the most dramatic scenery in Tanzania.

Some might say that the journey to the lake is as beautiful as the lake itself. Although there is not much wildlife to be spotted, the natural beauty of the area is enough to make the trip worth it.

Lake Natron is a salt and soda lake, located in the Arusha region of Tanzania. It is fed primarily by the Southern Ewaso Ng’iro River, which stems from central Kenya, as well as mineral-rich hot springs.

The lake has become iconic for the swooping flocks of flamingos that call this soda lake home. Without the safety of Lake Natron, this species would be near extinction.

A day at the lake will be one of the best days in nature you have ever had! Surrounded by rolling hills and an active volcano, Lake Natron will take your breath away!

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Lake Natron Highlights


The lake is the only regular breeding ground in East Africa for 2.5 million lesser flamingos. As such, this is the best place to see flamingo up close and personal.


A walk is a perfect way to experience Lake Natron. You can walk along the banks of the soda lake and look up at the smoking volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai.

Enfero Oldoinyo Lengai

If you’re looking for a hidden paradise, you can walk through the winding gorge to a natural swimming pool surrounded by rocks. The walk is long and not always smooth, but the palm trees and springs at the finish line are well worth the effort.

Climbing Oldoinyo Lengai

An active volcano looks down on Lake Natron. It’s an impressive monolith and a sacred site for the Masaai Tribe. 

For those seeking adventure, you can climb to the peak of this volcano. The journey will take a number of days but it’s the perfect stepping stone in preparation for climbing mount Kilimanjaro.


Unlike other national parks, Lake Natron does not attract much wildlife. However, it is home to 2.5 million lesser flamingos. It is also home to endemic algae, invertebrates, and birds. There are also some fish living in the less salty water around its margins.

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